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FAQ list to help you understand how it works

What Is E-Design?

E-design is short for “online interior design” which is a part-DIY part-designer service that offers interior design solutions for your rooms through online – only interaction with your designer.

What Is the difference between E-Design And Interior Design?

Normally when you hire an interior designer to design your space they will do a face-to-face consultation followed by a site visit to take the required dimensions and draw a quick floor plan. Once the design has been approved, the designer is usually responsible for purchasing, coordinating and handling all the deliveries and is ultimately responsible for installation (including booking and supervising handy men, painters and electricians ) and styling. Interior designers also cover renovations, project manage fit outs and follow closely in great detail custom jobs such as upholstery and furniture. Does it sound like a lot of work ? You are right, and it comes at a price!


With e-design you will only communicate with your designer by e-mail. You are responsible for taking the dimensions and photos of the room. The designer will do all the hard work of sourcing for the right pieces to fit your space, draw layouts and floor plans to help you understand where everything goes and provide you with a shopping list so you can do the purchasing at your own pace. Does that sound scary ? Don’t worry we are here to hold your hand! We also advise on which handy man to book depending on your needs and give plenty of good advise along the way, we are nice like that!

What Information Will The Designer Need From Me?

Good question! The designer will not be able to start on the design until they have received pictures and dimensions of the room. They will help you take the right measurements so you don’t have to worry if you have never done this before. The designer may ask you more questions regarding the room such as budget and photos of existing furniture that you would like to keep. They will take you through a couple of exercises to determine your style, likes and dislikes and ask you questions about the space and how it will be used.


How Long Will My Room Design Take?

You can drop us an email beforehand to ask how busy we are if you are worried. However we aim to deliver your design in no longer than 10 working days.



When I Purchase A Plan Do I Have To Use It Immediately?

No our plans, including our gift vouchers, don’t expire. That’s the beauty of them!



I Want To Upgrade/Downgrade My Plan. Is It Possible?

Yes of course! You can speak to us by e-mailing us at [email protected] and we can refund you the difference minus the bank charges we will incur if you want to downgrade. If you want to upgrade we will send an invoice with the difference to pay.



Will My Designer Make Suggestions For Windows, Floor And Treatment?

Our designs mainly focus on furniture and accessories. Wall paint, flooring and custom fabrics are best chosen in showrooms and taken on site before making a decision which is why it is difficult for us to help here since in order to keep our prices low our process is all online.

Windows – We do include store bought curtain options for your space – unless the windows are particularly large and require customising. We can help with direction of fabric and colours here but will not be able to source the specific fabric for you.

Floors – we don’t include flooring in our designs, this is more of a fit-out service. However we will share our knowledge of flooring suppliers with you and can, on occasion, advice between two samples if client has procured them.

Walls – if your design includes wallpaper the designer will include where to purchase it in your shopping list. If your design includes wall paint, the designer can only give you an indication of which colour will suit best but unfortunately cannot specify the colour code and brand. This is due to the fact that it is good practice to bring colour cards or paint samples to your home to try them on the wall to ensure you are picking the right colour for the space. Wall colours should never be picked from a computer screen which is why as an e-design company, our hands are tied I’m afraid!

However, if you wish to include the above in your room design because it’s important to you of course as professionals we can certainly assist you. Send us an e-mail and we will send you a quote to add-on to your e-design fee.

Are There Any Spaces In The House That You Don't Cover Such As Bathrooms Or Kitchens?

We don’t help with kitchens at the moment, since most of them require fit outs, e-design is not a suitable option for this room. However we do offer an accessories package for bathrooms which is perfect if you need to accessories.



What Is The Difference Between Material Received In Each Package?

We’ll walk you through our different plans.

The Instagram Ready package is for clients who are only looking to upgrade their space with accessories. You will receive a design presentation of about 10-12 pages of accessories that are right for your space and style. We pre-prepare these moodboards so they are not custom made for your specific room and you can expect to receive it within 24 hours of purchasing the plan online. We have 36 moodboards available to choose from, which we change on a monthly basis to keep up with trends and store’s new collections. You will also find designer discounts that you can apply at checkout. This package does not include layout of the rooms, so you will need to decide where each accessory goes. If you wish to receive a customised accessory moodboards email us for a quote.


If you require both accessories and furniture the Magazine Worthy package is the right one for you. With this package you will receive three options for every piece of furniture and accessory proposed, alongside room layout and wall elevations showing exactly where each product needs to be placed in your space and how the final room will look like with 2d renderings. With this package you will also be allowed two rounds of revisions.

This package also includes an easy to follow shopping list with links on where to purchase, prices, dimensions and product images.

Still unsure ? E-mail us at [email protected] and we will send you samples of the materials you can expect to receive.

Is E-Design Suitable For Commercial Spaces?

We can certainly help decorate and furnish small offices, however we source residential grade furniture only. If you are happy with the quality of furniture of shops such as West Elm, Marina Home and Crate & Barrel then we are the right fit for you!



Will My Designer Be Able To Incorporate My Existing Furniture In The Design?

Yes absolutely, we are big on re-using, re-cycling and extending the life of your furniture. Make sure your designer receives images of the pieces you would like to keep and their dimensions.



My Room Is An Open Space, Which Package Should I choose?

We consider open plan spaces as two separate rooms so they will each require the purchase of their own plan. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us [email protected]



What If I Don't Like My Design?

We encourage open and honest feedback from the start. You are entitled to communicate to your designer at any point if you are unsatisfied with something so we can correct it. The designer will go through 2 rounds of designs with you so you will have plenty of chances to make changes if you change your mind.

If you are still unhappy with your design when you receive it, we will start the design from scratch and present you with a new one. If you still don’t like the new one we will refund you 100% of the design plan, but we ask that you notify us within one month after receiving the final design.

I Love The Idea Of Doing The Purchases Myself In My Own Time, However I would Like To Hire A Designer To Come Style It, Is That Possible?

Yes you can reach out to [email protected] to ask for a quote.



I Love Your E-Design Platform, But Unfortunately DIY Is Not For Me. Do You Offer Traditional Interior Design Services?

We do! You can contact us [email protected] to enquire about rates and availability.