Valentina founded KUKY at the end of 2019, setting out to bring professional interior design services to everyone without being limited by geographical boundaries. With a focus on e-design, our approach is centred on the relationship between client and designer, with emphasis on that all important personal touch. 

As our client base grew and grew, we started expanding our services into other areas, offering traditional interior design, set design, custom furniture design and home consultations. Today, KUKY is spearheaded by two girls who share a love for beautifully curated spaces which are accessible and down to earth…just like our lovely designers.


Known for her laid back modern aesthetic and signature white on white colour palette, Valentina is an Italian designer who gained recognition after winning the Inside Out Home of the Year award in 2019. 

Nothing brings her more happiness than styling a beautiful composition, layering products, setting a picture-perfect scene or designing a magazine-worthy space. Fueled by her love for aesthetics Valentina brings heart and soul to each and every project she works on to turn even the mundane into something special.


Creating beautiful spaces is at the heart of what Jess has always dreamed of doing. After earning her architecture degree in Miami and further studies in Italy, she embarked on a new chapter in her life moving to Dubai.

Jess is a quintessential hyphenate whose skill set spans across several fields including interiors, graphics and fitness. Her zest for life is contagious and her instagram account is as interesting as her tasty looking vegan recipes. She loves all things natural, white, effortless and organic.

KUKY sets out to offer interior design services within easy reach of those who want to transform their home into something truly special.